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Nectre is part of the Glen Dimplex Group, which was founded in 1973 and holds significant market positions in the domestic appliance and heating industries worldwide.

Glen Dimplex remains privately owned and finances its ongoing expansion from its own resources. Fundamental to its success, is a policy of continuous investment in building brands, constant product innovation and providing its customers with the products which they aspire to have. Nectre, as one of these brands, takes pride in the quality and integrity of its products.


Times have changed since Peter Cannon built the first Nectre in a shed at the back of his home in 1970. Since then, well over 300,000 units have found their way into Australian homes and are now exported to 12 countries.

At Nectre, we develop the next generation of efficient, low emission wood heaters inside our present factory in Dry Creek, South Australia. We keep steadily improving our stove designs as well as production techniques with steel - now laser cut and manufactured with state-of-the-art robotic welding technology. This facility is also equipped with a calorific test room and dilution tunnel, which allows us to test the emissions, output and efficiency of our wood heaters, ensuring they exceed Australian standards.

Most importantly, the success of Nectre is founded in our passionate assembly team and a dedicated technical department who ensure customer service, at all levels, exceeds expectations. Our people, tradition, focus on quality and timeless designs make Nectre a great choice when designing a new property, replacing an existing heater or looking to add a stylish, functional centrepiece to your home.


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